Write 31 Days

Why Glimpses of God?

Hi Y’all!  This page contains links to my first 31 days project, 31 Thoughts on Self Care.

I’ve had to learn the hard way that when I take time and effort to care for my physical, mental, and spiritual health, I am a better wife, mom, friend, human.  It’s my prayer that you can take something away from these posts, whether it’s encouragement or practical tips.  Hope you enjoy!

Why Self Care?

Buy Yourself Flowers

Invest in You

Eating Well

Have A Girls Weekend

Loves Me, Loves Me Not: Thoughts on a Social Media Fast

Is Self Care Biblical?

Self Care Through Handicrafts

Small Indulgences

What Self Care Looked Like This Week 1

Sabbath Snapshot 1

Self Care Through Silence

Self Care Through Music

Essential Oils for Self Care

Remembering Me

Time in Nature

What Self Care Looked Like This Week 2

Sabbath Snapshot 2

Running With Purpose

Modeling Self Care for Kids

Self Care For Husbands

The Power Of Books

Why I Write

What Self Care Looked Like This Week-3

Sabbath Snapshot-3

Morning Time

The Right Start

Just Us


Caring For Your Family

What Self Care Looked Like This Week-4