What I’m Loving-May 2017

What I’m Loving-May 2017featured

True confession: May is not my favorite. May is the month where every activity, co-op, project, etc. ends and has some ending event you must attend on top of all your regular responsibilities. May wears me out.
It was a busy month, but I took the time to slow down and try to enjoy this month I loathe. One thing helped me to enjoy a bit of the beautiful in each day are flowers. Last fall, I planted a bunch of bulbs I got on clearance at Aldi, and I finally see the fruits of my labor as each plant grows and flowers. Cheap bulbs are one of the things I loved this month. Here’s the rest of my list for May.


I’m an admitted podcast junkie.  I think I have an information addiction, which can be good and bad.  Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to learn new things.  My two favorites lately are Brains On! and The Road Back to You.

Brains On! is a kids’ science podcast produced by NPR media.  It answers a different science question each week, such as what is better fire or lasers, how digestion works, and why the ocean is salty.  My kids’ favorite so far…the science of farts.

The Road Back to You is a podcast by the authors of a book by the same name, and it’s all about the Enneagram, an ancient personality inventory featuring nine distinct types.  I love learning about the Enneagram, specifically my personality type.  I’m currently binge listening to these episodes.  Podcast Pro tip: listen at 1.5 speed to get through more content in less time.

Maxine of Hollywood Swim Suits

It’s finally summer, and I had a problem this year.  All my suits are too big.  It has been a long time since this happened so I knew I’d have to get a new suit.  I am over tankinis.  I swim in my suits, and I hate how the midriff floats up in most tankinis.  I also dislike most one piece suits.  I found a suit I love at Salvation Army of all places while looking for a rash guard.  The brand is Maxine of Hollywood. They make slimming one-piece suits that provide decent bust support and cover your whole butt with cute vintage style suits.  That’s a win in my book.  You can find the suit I have in a variety of prints on Amazon.



My reading slows down in the summer as we take more time to enjoy the outdoors.  I read The Invention of Wings and Cultivate: A Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life (available for pre-order now) in May. I highly recommend both!


The best gift we ever bought for our kids was this mini kayak:

I am about 30 lbs over the weight limit, but last summer I decided to see if I would sink it.  To my surprise and delight, it holds my weight, though admittedly, it sits very low in the water.  We kayak an relatively shallow lake and I am a good swimmer, so I take the risk.  I can’t advise it for others, make your own decision.
Each time we go to the lake, I take the kayak out as least once.  It is great exercise.  I love the quiet and scenery while I paddle.  We know have two of these kayaks and they are heavily used by all.


I know this sounds weird, but I have really enjoyed getting my hands dirty and keeping our flower beds tidy this year.  I love the sense of accomplishment when I get a particularly tough weed out or see the improvement after a few hours work. Science is starting to recognize the merits of getting dirty and exposing our bodies to soil microbes we now rarely encounter in our over sanitized world.  I’m not sure if it’s the microbes, the sunshine, or feeling pride in hard work that are making me happy, but I’ll take it!  I suspect it’s a combination of all these things.

That’s it for May!  Happy June, go get your hands dirty and enjoy this summer!


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