The Importance of Restfeatured

Friday afternoons are a flurry of activity at my house. I chip away at a mountain of laundry as my kids gather Legos and Littlest Pet Shop figures, putting them away in baskets and drawers. We work as a team to tidy up a house that never seems to be completely clean, a pitfall of homeschooling.

Friday afternoons are special because we are preparing for our Sabbath. Our family has been observing a Sabbath off and on for a few years, and last January we made a recommitment to make rest a priority each week. A Sabbath is a day of rest, modeled by God on the seventh day of creation and first observed by the Israelites as part of the Ten Commandments God gave Moses on Mount Sinai.

God’s command to make time for rest should catch our attention. He knew we’d forget that he created rhythms of work and rest for our benefit, not as a hindrance. God commands rest to highlight its importance.

Americans today have more leisure time than ever before. We have gone from growing or hunting what we eat to grocery shopping online, home delivery included. We shop for clothes at Target instead of cutting and sewing fabric. Technologies streamline many of our daily tasks at work and home.

I’m sharing about Sabbath at The Glorious Table today. Join me there to read the rest!

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